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What Is Residential Substance Abuse Treatment?

Residential substance abuse treatment, or inpatient rehab, is a voluntary program designed to provide counseling and round-the-clock care to individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. We also treat co-occurring disorders which focuses on both mental health and substances abuse. The purpose of most residential treatment programs is to temporarily remove the individual from influences in their everyday environment that contribute to their substance abuse and help them develop the skills to maintain lobg term sobriety and live a life of recovery.

Patients complete a personalized rehab program in a residential setting while enjoying the benefit of medical, emotional and therapeutic support during recovery. The treatment process may include cognitive behavioral therapy, individual therapy sessions, group therapy, art therapy and family therapy.

Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab

It’s easier when you’re not in it alone. The ideal residential treatment program provides personalized support with 24/7 medical supervision and care in a comfortable environment, allowing clients to engage fully with the recovery process. In an inpatient treatment program, temptations and negative influences are greatly reduced, as is a patient’s access to drugs and alcohol. Patients benefit from multiple treatment modalities under the same roof, which include group therapy, process groups, and scheduled activities to help residents build long last relationships with peers who are experiencing similar struggles. Residential treatment also creates a safe, supportive environment for those who are in the early stages of detox and experiences withdrawals.

Why Choose Residential Treatment at
Resurgence Behavioral Health?

It’s important to review several residential treatment programs to find one that meets your needs. Choosing the right residential treatment plan for you or your loved one can be challenging.

At Resurgence, a medical and clinical professionals oversee personalized residential treatment services that provide comprehensive support and care to address your unique needs. We offer evidence-based treatment modalities in our recovery center, combined with relapse prevention and holistic methods to help make recovery from substance use disorder a reality.

Successful treatment at Resurgence begins with our highly qualified and experienced staff, who dedicate themselves to their work and treat clients with the utmost compassion, understanding and respect. We offer state of the art residential treatment which provides a safe, supportive, and loving environment for our patients to feel at home. Couples are allowed to complete treatment together, pets are welcome and smoking is permitted. Tasty, nutritious meals are prepared daily by an on-site chef. We also take the patients on hikes, to the beach, movies, and much more depending on the season.

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How it works

Our inpatient treatment center develops individualized treatment plans for each resident outlining the services needed, depending on the severity of their substance use disorder. Mental health care is also provided for co-occurring disorders and can include individual and group therapy sessions or holistic methods, such as art and exercise therapy. We also specialize in trauma-informed care. Because many individuals with substance abuse issues also display symptoms of trauma, we can help uncover the relationship between addiction and traumatic experiences. 

Emotional support from loved ones is vital to maintaining sobriety, which is why we also offer family therapy and educational resources to help family members understand how to support you during inpatient rehab. This can help strengthen the family dynamic and your support system for recovery.

Aftercare and Support Programs
for Long-Term Recovery

Substance use disorders and addiction are chronic conditions that affect your body and your mental health, but care shouldn’t stop with the completion of a residential treatment program. Outpatient services offered, such as aftercare and support programs, help mitigate the chances of a relapse, benefiting the long-term recovery process. Clients may choose to join an alumni program, or a support group or continue with ongoing therapy for their mental health.

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Start Your Residential Treatment Program at Resurgence Behavioral Health

Life is finite, and substance abuse doesn’t need to steal another precious day from you. If you’re ready to partner with a treatment team to fight your substance use disorder, there’s no day but today. Reach out to Resurgence Behavioral Health today or contact us at (855) 458-0050 to learn more about the residential treatment programs available to you.